Utility Concrete Products

Concrete slabs loaded and secured to a truck

Transformer Pads

We offer 3 types of transformer pads depending on the size of the transfomer (The Type I, II, or III). Custom pads can also be made to suit your needs.


Concrete entrance with doors

Electrical Vaults

We have the capabilities to build any size vault to suit your needs. Single and double cell vaults are available. Call today to discuss the many utility vault concrete products that will get the job done for you!


Light Pole Bases

Precast Light Pole Bases are a great accent to your parking lot.  With 24″ and 18″ diameter sizes readily available and a smooth finish on the sides of the pole why would you ever cast in place a base again?

Light Pole Bases

Custom concrete box for metal tank

Custom Pads

If you have any special product needs just call anytime and speak to one of us who can better meet your needs. We can make altercations to forms or use existing products in different ways. We are even willing to order new forms if it best suits your needs.


Median Barrier

The Dalmaray Median Barrier is a great barrier for permanent or temporary traffic flows. Built to DOT Type F specifications, the barrier will last through all conditions. We can pour sections from 1′ up to 12′ if needed.


Concrete Blocks

Fuel Containment Tanks

We offer three different types of fuel containment tanks…


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